Deposit Anywhere FAQ's


What devices are supported?

Deposit AnywhereTM is supported on iOS and Android.  It is not available for Blackberries at this time.


When I make a deposit using the mobile banking app, is the money available for me to use right away?

The deposit will be seen immediately in your account activity, but will not be included in the available balance. Similar to deposits at an ATM or in the branch, there may be holds on deposit items.


Can I deposit a US dollar cheque?

Only Canadian dollar cheques can be deposited, and only into accounts located in Canada. The ability to deposit US dollar cheques drawn on US financial institutions, or US Dollar cheques drawn on Canadian financial institutions, is being developed.


Is depositing cheques with a mobile phone safe?

Deposit AnywhereTM is safe and secure. This service is not a third-party app and does not require a separate download. By including it within the mobile banking app, your mobile banking transactions are protected and confidential. Cheque images are not stored on your device.  Public and free Wi-Fi connections should not be used for banking transactions; for enhanced security, we recommend that you use your carrier’s internet connection.


Is there a dollar limit per individual cheque deposit, a daily deposit limit or maximum number of cheques that can be deposited per day?

Yes, there is a daily deposit limit of $200,000.00.


What do I do with the cheque after I deposit it?

After depositing your cheque with Deposit AnywhereTM, simply write “Deposited” and the deposit date across the front of the cheque and store it in a safe spot – we may need it for verification purposes. After 120 days, you can safely dispose of the cheque by shredding it. There is no need to mail in the physical cheque!