Lock'N'Block Features & Benefits



  • Lock or unlock your Raymore Credit Union debit card

  • Block or unblock purchases and refunds

  • Block or unblock ATM transactions

  • Block or unblock international transactions



  • If you lose or misplace your debit card, you can log in and block your own card immediately until you find it or have the opportunity to report it lost or stolen


  • Much of the debit card fraud happening today occurs outside of Canada.  You can block/unblock all international transactions with this new feature


  • You can turn your card on and off as you wish with Lock’N’Block®.  For example, you could choose to have your debit card turned off and only turn it on while you pay for something or use an ATM.  This is the ultimate in card security!

  • Have the peace of mind knowing that you have complete control over your debit card