Chequing Accounts (incl. US)

Customize the Maximizer or Non-Interest Chequing accounts with one of our service plans to fit your daily banking needs. 

Personal Chequing ACCOUNTS

This daily interest account combines chequing and savings, making it easy to do your day-to-day banking. It offers:

  • tiered daily interest
  • interest paid monthly
  • free deposits
  • monthly statements

Non-Interest Chequing
This no-frills account won't earn you any interest, but it's ideal for basic, day-to-day banking. It offers:

  • free deposits
  • monthly statements

U.S. Chequing Accounts 
A daily interest chequing account.  Debit cards and MemberDirect internet banknig are not available.


Personal Chequing PLANS
Each person must have at least one plan, and every chequing account must have a plan.  Regular transaction fees apply when over plan transaction limits.

  • Basic Plan - $4.00/month = 8 self-service transactions & 2 full service transactions
  • Master Plan - $14.00/month = 40 self-service transactions & 5 full service transactions
  • Super Plan - $20.00/month = 60 self-service transactions & 5 full service transactions
  • Unlimited Plan - $27.00/month = Unlimited self and full service transactions
  • E-25 Plan - $7.00/month = 25 monthly electronic transactions, $2.00 per non-electronic transaction
  • E-Unlimited Plan - $14.00/month = Unlimited electronic transactions, $2.00 per non-electronic transaction
  • Heritage Plan - 65+
  • Youth Plan - Smart Start 12 - 18 yrs.
  • Youth Plan - FAT CAT 11 & under


Transaction Fees

Self Service Transactions 

  • MEMBER CARD, internet banking, automated transfer, electronic debit & Credit Union ATM debit $0.70
  • Cheque transaction $1.00
Full Service Transactions
  • Cash withdrawal/in branch transfer $1.00
  • Bill Payments $2.00
All Credit Union ATM's are FREE of Charge
Non Credit Union ATM transactions (Not included in FREE transactions)     $3.00


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