70 Proud Years!

Over the past 70 years, we've worked hard to grow into the kind of financial institution we are today. Here are some of the highlights we're particularly proud of:

  • our assets have grown from $4,847.75 in 1949 to more than $100 million in assets in 2014
  • in 1953 we moved into a larger one-room office and gained Lucy Grymaloski as our first full time Secretary Manager
  • in 1954, Ken Edwards replaced Lucy as General Manager
  • in 1957 we purchased and renovated the old Bank of Montreal building
  • in 1964 we reached the $1 million mark in assets
  • in 1972-73, having outgrown yet another office space, we built and moved into the building we still occupy today
  • in 1987 our first ATM was installed
  • in 1992 the building received a complete facelift
  • in 1993 Colin Markusson became our General Manager
  • in 2000 we acquired the Punnichy Bank of Montreal branch as our second branch
  • in 2005 Dysart Credit Union amalgamated with Raymore Credit Union 
  • in 2006 Darren Frisko became our new General Manager
  • in 2008 a much needed expansion and renovation took place in our Raymore branch