CUETS Financial Mastercard Products

We work closely with CUETS Financial to give our members access to all of the benefits and privileges of a Mastercard® as well as a support system dedicated 100% to Canadian Credit Unions. 

Through CUETS®, Raymore Credit Union members can apply for:

  • World Elite Mastercard®
  • Platinum Class Mastercard®
  • Gold Mastercard®
  • Low Fee Gold Mastercard®
  • Low Fee Mastercard®
  • No Fee Mastercard®
  • Student Mastercard®
  • Business Mastercard®

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Plus, you can add CHOICE REWARDS® to any of these Mastercard® products to make them even better. It's the easiest and most flexible rewards program in the industry, allowing you to collect points every time you use your CHOICE REWARDS® Mastercard® for everything from travel and merchandise to charitable giving.