Co-op Week!
Date Posted: Oct 14, 2016

The theme of Co-op Week is Our Co-op Advantages, and we want to ask you to share your views on why you choose to do business co-operatively.  Of course, we want you to do this loudly and proudly in public, online, and most importantly, with family and friends.  Please share your "Co-op pride" photos with us on Facebook this October.  When you share your story or pictures, use the hashtag #cooperatives (or #coops) and we'll see you.

We would like you to join us for coffee to help us celebrate co-operative week.  Here are the locations that we are showing up at!

Tuesday, October 18
- Harvest Place Restaurant, Raymore, SK @ 2:00pm
- Raymore Manor @ 2:00pm

Wednesday, October 19 
- Punnichy Seniors Centre, Punnichy, SK @ 1:30pm
- Raymore Lodge @ 2:00pm

Thursday, October 20
- Dysart Seniors Centre, Dysart, SK @ 9:00am
- CU DAY in branch! Come for popcorn throughout the afternoon!

Friday, October 21 
- Raymore Cafe, Raymore, SK @ 9:00am
- Silver Heights, Raymore, SK




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