Dysart Golden Years Club
Date Posted: Nov 24, 2016


Raymore Credit Union proudly presented $5,000 to the Dysart Golden Years Club to update their building on November 24th.

Sandra Geber & Josh Jordan had lunch, recognitions, a briefing on the upgrades to the building and cheque presentations at the ceremony. Also attending the ceremony was the club's executives, a rep from the Village (Dallas Harrison), and quite a few club & village members. As part of the presentation two ladies from Sask Community Futures Venture presented a cheque for $1,000 from their program and Josh Jordan presented Raymore Credit Union's $5,000 cheque. 

In the picture above:

Left - Peter Kolody (President of Golden Years Club)

Middle - Josh Jordan (note: Sandra Geber was taking the picture for us!) on behalf of Raymore CU

Right - Eugene Scrobe (Committee Member - Eugene was in charge of the maintenance project for the building)


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