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                                                Join our Team!

We’re looking for a Full Time Member Service Representative!

Applications are accepted until Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

                            $1 Million Patronage Rewards!

Sharing $1 Million in Patronage with our members. 
As a member, you are an owner. When we are successful, we share our success. 
Over the past 25 years, we've returned $8 Million back to our members! 


                                     0% Balance Transfer

Say no to high credit card interest rates. Make the smart move with your credit and take advantage of our Balance Transfer offer.

Pay off balances & debt faster while saving money on interest! 

                                 Sign Up for a Chance to Win!, opens in a new tab

If you register for CardWise to manage your consumer credit card, you will be entered for the chance to win a grand prize of a $5,000* statement credit, or 1 of 3 prizes of a $1,000* statement credit!

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RCU Gives Back! 

Raymore School Community Council (SCC) along with the staff and students at Raymore School have been working hard this year fundraising for a 15-passanger van. This van will be available to staff and students to utilize for travel for classroom activities, extracurricular activities and such.

We are excited to help them with their fundraising efforts to purchase the van with a $50,000 donation!

The bus has arrived! Congratulations to Raymore School & the SCC. 


RCU Growing Communities Grant

We stand for our members and our communities.

Our goal as a Credit Union is to help all of our members grow financially and create strong and vibrant communities for everyone to enjoy. 

RCU Growing Communities Grant awards $10,000 or more each year to non-profit community groups who are spearheading projects to build, expand and/or improve local facilities and programs. 

Apply for our 2024 Growing Communities Grant today!

Deadline is October 31.

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Ways to Pay

Leave your wallet at home! There are so many safe ways to pay with your Collabria Credit Card.

Click to Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay

Find out more on these new, safe & secure ways to pay!

Direct Deposit Online Form

Direct Deposit and Pre-Authorized Debit forms are now available at your fingertips! 

You can access this form from either a desktop computer or even your phone.

836 Volunteer Hours!

We love giving back to our communities! In 2023 our staff volunteered over 836 hours in our surrounding communities. Reach out to us whenever you are in need of a helping hand. Our staff are happy to help out. 


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