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Growing ​Communities Grant

Stronger, more vibrant communities 


In 2009, our Growing Communities Grant was established.  This Grant has created a legacy of community-based projects that have built better, stronger and more vibrant communities.  By recognizing potential in our surrounding communities, and helping financially, we’ve been able to unlock potential and opportunity for a stronger future.  Since 2009, we've given $137,000 back into our communities!

RCU Growing Communities Grant awards $10,000 each year to non-profit community groups who are spearheading projects to build, expand and/or improve local facilities and programs. To find out more or how to apply for this application click the link below. 

Growing Communities Grant Applications are due October 31 each year.  Submit yours today.  Click and fill out the application below (APPLY TODAY button) & drop off in branch or send via email to