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Student Awards

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Raymore Credit Union has presented the Grade 12 Outstanding Senior Student Award for over the past 16 years in both Raymore and Punnichy School.  This scholarship is awarded to the graduate who achieves academic excellence, cooperates with staff and students and provides exemplary work in extra-curricular activities and motivates others to contribute their time and talent to the school.  Students of our communities are our future leaders and by helping our recipients with their education, helps to build our communities.  By supporting these young leaders, everyone wins.  

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2021 Outstanding Student Award Recipients 

RCU has been honoured to offer this award to Raymore and Punnichy High School for over the past 16 years.  This year’s Outstanding Senior Student Awards are:


Chloe Wilkie edited.jpg

Chloe Wilkie - Raymore Outstanding Recipient 

Chloe Wilkie has been a student at Raymore School since grade 10.  Chloe is an extremely hard-working student who takes her studies very seriously.  Chloe has been involved in our yearbook in the past, and holds a part time job at the local grocery store, while still maintaining an above 90% average. 

Chloe has a positive demeanor, and can be seen many times encouraging others to do well or work hard at their activities.  Chloe is always willing to lend a hand in helping out at the school.  Whether it be setting up for a guest speaker, or just attending to cheer on her fellow classmates at an athletic event, Chloe can always be found with a smile on her face. 

Chloe will be studying Business Information Systems at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in the fall.

Taneja Wolfe.jpg

Taneja Wolfe - Punnichy Outstanding Student

Taneja was born in Regina, SK on February 9, 2003. Taneja is from the Muskowekwan, FN where she currently resides with her family.  Taneja attended Muskowekwan School from Headstart to Grade 8. During Taneja’s time at Muskowekwan school she has won the Treaty - 4  Jr Nation Builder Award in Grade 5. She also went on to win 2nd place in the First Nation Spelling Bee that was held in Saskatoon, SK while she was in Grade 7. 

Taneja attended Kelliher School for her Grade Nine year. She then moved on to attend Punnichy High School to be closer to her friends from Grade 10 - 12. Taneja has always strived to be a Straight A student and has always taken pride in her education. 

Taneja has been involved in many extracurricular activities such as ballet, piano, soccer, badminton, volleyball, curling, broomball and skiing. Taneja loves to read. With a strong passion for art, you’ll always find Taneja sketching in one of her many sketch books. Her family has lost track of the countless hours she has spent sketching in books over the years. 


Best of luck in your future - CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!