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Pre-Authorized Transfer (PAT)

Watch your Savings Grow  



Pre-Authorized Transfers (PATs) automatically transfer funds to your savings account on a schedule that works best for you & your lifestyle. It is a simple & smart way to grow your savings. 

Here at RCU we refer to automatic transfers as PATs.  You may also know them as direct debit, AFT, EFT, PAP, PAC & PAD. Regardless of their different names, they are all used to help build your savings. Whether you are saving for a future purchase, retirement or an emergency fund – it’s important that you understand what a PAT is and how to set one up!

How does a PAT work?

  • you choose an amount to be withdrawn from your account on a reoccurring basis
    • daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • the money gets deposited directly into a savings account of your choice 
  • watch your savings GROW! 
    • We like to think of it as paying yourself first – for all the hard work you do!

How can I set up a PAT?

  1. Decide on a dollar amount you’d like to start saving don’t worry – this amount can be changed at any time!
  2. Pick a schedule that best suits your budget & lifestyle - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly - we recommend lining them up with your payroll or other deposits!
  3. Sit back & enjoy your savings grow, literally! - There’s no need to babysit your PAT
  4. Give our Investment Specialist Alicia Sentes a call & she will take care of the rest!

PAT Info Sheet