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Hot Summer Deals Loan Sale 

Agriculture Rates

as low as 


Consumer Rates

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SUMMER is here at RCU!  

Make your summer dreams a reality with RCU's hot summer deals loan rates!  With special rates for both agriculture and consumer loans, we have something for everyone.  

Don't miss out on these special rates, they are here for a limited time only. 

Contact our Lending Specialists for more information.

Breanne Paulsen
306.746.2160 ext 235

Josh Jordan 
306.746.7643 (call/text)

Tracey Laturnas
306.706.7026 (call/text)

International Transfers 

A convenient, low-cost exchange solution through online banking that enables you to send money internationally from anywhere, at any time. 


  • convenient - you can send an international transfer anytime, anywhere through online banking
  • easy to use - you can send international transfers yourself & the recipient information is saved under your account for future use
  • Low cost - lower cost than sending a wire transfer 
  • it's safe - your online banking is password protected & your money is sent with 256-bit encryption, integrated automated identity verification as well as anti-money laundering procedures to ensure your money arrives successfully at it’s destination, safely.  
  • fast online delivery - next day delivery in North Amerisa, and within 2 business days globally
  • guaranteed transfer amount - what's sent is what your recipient will receive 

​Learn how to send an International Transfer here: